Office Chairs Must Have These Two Criteria

Working in an office means you have to sit for a long time. This might make you feel sore or painful in some parts, especially your back and neck. To avoid this and all diseases that can occur, it’s a good idea to use the right office chair. You can choose an office chair sale to get the office chair you need.

There are several criteria for office chairs that are right and you should know, like

– High low chair
You can see if the seat height is right when your feet can touch the floor and your knees are parallel to the seat cushion. This position will avoid the possibility of obstruction of blood circulation to the legs.

– Armrests
The armrest on the chair should be able to support the arms while working and changes in position while working. If the armrest is too low or high, it can potentially cause a disturbance in posture, pressure on the elbow, and a lack of body support while working.