Visit These Three Places When You Visit Pattaya

One country that has never been visited by foreign tourists is Thailand. The charm of Thailand is certainly in Pattaya. Many beaches and even interesting places that can be visited in that place. You can even play golf at pattaya golf which is already well known in the eyes of many international tourists. Many people really enjoy playing golf there. The number of tourists who play golf there increasingly makes the place famous in the eyes of the world.

Apart from playing golf, there are several places in Pattaya that you can visit and you can also get a lot of experience there. Some of the places in question are

1. Sanctuary of Truth
This will certainly make you amazed; a unique construction of a wooden temple that has a very detailed and detailed beauty, and you will not find a single nail here. If you are someone who is interested in art or architecture, you will surely admire this building. Here there are carvings and statues from Hindu mythology. This place is located right next to the sea. If you bring children, they can play while feeding the fish here. This place will make you relax while admiring the amazing carvings.

2. Big Buddha
As the name suggests, the Big Buddha statue is a very large, golden Buddha statue located at the foot of the mountain. Because the location is right, you can see the beautiful scenery of Pattaya city and also see the ocean. Besides the Big Buddha, you can also find carvings, temples, monuments and other statues here. This place is a sacred and religious place where you can take a moment to reflect while meditating and meditating.

3. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens
These gardens are truly amazing with many green, red, and yellow plants, and also many statues and pots here. Here you can take lots of photos with your family. There are also many elephant and tiger statues located around the parks. Inside the park, there are also several temple-shaped buildings.
In these parks, there are several representatives of culture, such as French parks and Italian gardens.