Preparing To Paint A Wall

Painting walls require a little planning, but when done correctly, it can provide a different atmosphere in the room. If you want to paint the wall the right way, you will not miss planning and go straight in. However, with a little thought and execution, painting your own wall can give satisfaction and enthusiasm. If you need help, you can contact professional handyman in singapore.

Plan a full day for preparation. Rushed walls will be easily visible. The paint melts, the lines are uneven, and the colors aren’t as bright as they should be. If you want to get a professional look on your wall, make sure you provide a full day of preparation before you do the actual painting. Choose color. The choices are really unlimited, it might overwhelm you.

Prepare the floor and other hardware for painting. The first thing you have to do is spread a canvas sheet on the floor, to cover it completely. Tighten the canvas with masking tape and make sure it can’t shift. Sand the walls. Sanding it will help paint because it can create small pores or pockets that become the place where the paint sticks, making it have an even coat of paint. When sanding, wear a dust mask.

Clean the walls. With a vacuum machine, clean the walls of all the dust and debris that comes from the sanding process. Clean walls will be much easier to paint and will be able to provide a better finish. Using warm water and a little detergent, clean the thin walls using a sponge. Clean the spots that are oily or very dirty by rubbing them slightly hard. Clean the entire wall with clean water and a sponge when it’s finished.

Patch holes or cracks with putty. Next, look at the condition of your wall. Are there holes or cracks that need special attention? If so, you might need a little putty. Cover the wall with a layer of primary paint. Primary paint is a layer of paint that is brighter and can absorb colors well. You may have to paint primer on your wall if:

You painted a wall that had never been painted before
You patch holes, abrasions, etc. on the wall
Your walls are painted with oil
The color of the wall you are laying is older.