Use Some of These Ways in Choosing Carpets

For many people, carpets in a room can indeed make the room more beautiful and warm. The atmosphere of the room will also be more sweet and pleasant if you add a carpet in it. Also, make sure that you keep your carpet clean so that there are no germs attached to it. You can use the services of the rug cleaning sydney so that the cleanliness of your carpet is well maintained upholstery cleaner.

Actually, in choosing a carpet, there are a few things that you should pay attention to. Some of the things meant here are

1. Use Contrast Color
Contrast colors here do not specifically mean striking colors, but colors that are different from other colors. It can be an older or younger color, but it is similar or color that is completely different from the color of the floor, walls, and other furniture. For example, you have a playful living room with pastel colors. Here, you can use a contrasting carpet, which is a light yellow color that still enters pastel or pink color tones that are older than the color of your wall.

2. Choose the Fresh Nuance
You certainly don’t want the room to look gloomy. Therefore, use a carpet that can bring a sense of freshness that is not excessive. Even though you have a monochrome room concept with white walls, black leather sofas, and clean white floors, you can still give a fresh impression without damaging your monochrome concept. The trick is to choose a gray carpet.

3. Adjust the color of the furniture
If your furniture has a classic theme with carved wood and velvet lining, then the thick furry carpet with animal skin pattern will not be suitable to be combined with the furniture. Choose a carpet that is not too thick without a motif of the same color as the sofa layer or the dominant furniture framework. Or you can also choose carpets with classic motifs if your sofa layer is plain without motives. Adjusting the carpet with furniture is very important because the two elements touch each other so it must look solid.

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