Learning English Can Increase Your Chance In Education

Ever heard of studying abroad? If you master English, you can have the opportunity to study in America, Australia, Britain, and other developed countries. How to do? Yes, apply or find a scholarship to your dream campus. Information about scholarships is often presented in foreign languages. Even the registration requirements generally have to show that you can speak English well. How? By including the IELTS and TOEFL test certificate. Usually, the minimum score requested by a university is 5.5 or 6.0, depending on the department at each university. Meanwhile, you may need to check out the b1 english test if you wish to take a test for taking the UK visa.

Why do you need good English skills to study abroad?

English is the language of instruction in some of the best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Yes, almost all courses are taught in English, including communicating with professors (lecturers), staff and even campus friends.

Although the smartest in the field of Technology or Mathematics, everything does not mean without foreign language skills, if you want to study abroad. Even if there is a desperate capital (also good luck) graduating at the University of dreams, but English is chaotic, you must try hard to understand what the professors say.

If you are sick now, you will not worry about your fate when you migrate to the country. From now on don’t underestimate English. Especially until I hate this one lesson. If you don’t want to regret it later.

In addition, English allows for self-upgrading. Various knowledge is within your reach because many results of research, literature, world history, and other knowledge are written in this language. In fact, now there are videos on Youtube that can be watched without having to worry about failing to understand.

In essence, foreign languages make knowledge more affordable in your grasp (when searching with your gadget). Apparently, as many as 52% of websites spread on the internet using English.

With unlimited knowledge, you become more insightful. As long as you can speak English, so you can upgrade yourself. So, what are you waiting for, establish yourself to start now?

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