Important Things Before You Make A Cup Of Coffee

Is the coffee you make at home not as good as the coffee you bought and brewed at the coffee shop? It could be because of some simple things you didn’t expect. Some of us have already bought coffee in the form of seeds or powder at the coffee shop after feeling the delicious coffee there. Even though the coffee is brewed the same, it seems that it is not as good as made by baristas in the shop. The following are the important things to know about fresh roasted coffee and how you can serve the best coffee to drink go here.


Remember, about 98 percent of the coffee you drink consists of water. That is, water plays an important role in determining the taste of coffee later. It is better to use fresh water, not metal smelling, water purifying drugs, or rancid odors. We can use tap water as long as the quality is good. Can also be bottled mineral water even though the quality of one brand with another brand is different.


We often put too little or too much coffee powder in a glass. This makes the feeling that appears not optimal. Too little coffee will produce a bitter taste because the amount of water that passes through the coffee powder will bring along unwanted taste. While too much coffee results in the powder not being perfectly extracted and the taste of coffee not appearing. The right proportion – or the ratio of coffee to water will allow coffee to fully release its flavor to produce coffee with a rich flavor and aroma.

Powder size

The third thing that determines the taste is the size of the milling from coffee beans to powder. This size varies according to the way we brew coffee. Generally, for brewed coffee and press brewing, the powder is rather coarse. Whereas for pour-over or flat-bottom drip is slightly smooth, smooth for cone or cone filters, and very smooth for espresso.

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