Common Types Of Alarm That You May Want To Have

Wireless Alarm is a security system that does not require a cable that has a cheap and affordable price. In addition, the installation process is relatively easier. You do not need to install long cables and connect them with telephone cables and network security centers. The advantage possessed by this alarm is that it can still function properly even though the electricity in the house is extinguished. Why is that? Due to it is activated by utilizing the main controller unit, alarm system or at least one device monitor-detector device together with the remote. By the time you get a signal, the controller unit will immediately sound an alarm or can also directly contact the police station and other emergency center numbers. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the recommended alarm security home for the best home alarm system.

Hardwired or Alarm connected by cable

This alarm can function by being connected with a cable as is commonly found. This type of alarm is usually connected to a telephone cable through a complicated and long installation process. So it needs a professional team to pair this type of alarm. If the alarm detects danger, the signal will be directly connected to the emergency telephone service. The advantage of using this alarm is that the hardwired alarm can alert the authoritarian center that oversees all security systems at a housing complex. But the complicated installation process and the need to pay monthly contributions are some of the weaknesses it has.


You could say this type of alarm is the simplest alarm compared to the others. This alarm will only sound if you catch a dangerous signal without being connected to a monitor or other emergency unit. But the installation process is quite easy and relatively simple. This alarm can be operated using a battery and does not require electricity.

Several other types of alarms
In addition to some types of home alarms, there are still a number of anti-theft home alarm systems that you can use. Some of them are microcontroller-based home security systems and Arduino-based home security systems.

So are some kinds of anti-theft home alarms that you can use at home. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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