Causes of Dull Tile

Tile has become an important part of the beauty of the house. Not infrequently the money that you spend is also not small, so you need extra attention from the homeowner to keep it clean and shiny as when the tile was first installed You can use tile cleaning sydney if that happens. Tile that you have can be dull. Why? The following are some of the causes:

– Oil
The kitchen is one of the places that cannot be separated from the role of tiles, especially wet kitchens. But cooking activities that involve a lot of splashing of oil during frying make the tile vulnerable to dullness. Especially if the oil used is mixed with the color of the ingredients. So we should not delay too long to clean the tile. Because the longer we delay, the more oil is attached to the tile until it is difficult to clean.

– Rain

To display the natural impression at home, we often use natural stone tiles, both on fences, front porch and back porch. This natural impression is felt more when the rainy day. But what is not realized, rain brings a lot of material that will make tiles dull quickly. Especially in tiles at the bottom that are close to the ground, these tiles are often exposed to splashes of water from the ground which will make it look dirty. If you use natural stone tiles, congratulations! because you won’t be too hard to clean. Enough to pour water on the stone or wipe the tile for maximum results.

– Mop

We know that mop is one of the tools most often used to clean tiles. But did you know that the use of mop material that does not have high absorption will actually leave dirt stains on the tile? If the dirt deposits accumulate, the dirt will scratch the tile. Therefore you should make sure that the mop used is highly absorbent, or at least make sure the mop is clean when squeezing water from the cloth.

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